How To Reset Haylou headphones

Factory reset - Haylou GT3 Headphones

If Haylou GT3 earbuds do not function well, please refer the following steps to reset factory: put earbuds back into the case to charge themselves, keep touching both panels for 10s or until LED blinks red and white 3 times. Delete relative connectivity records on cellphone and re-build connection with cellphone.

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Factory Reset - Haylou GT5 Earbuds

1. Put Haylou GT5 earbuds back to the case.

2. Keep it in the case, at the same time press and hold both "Touch Control Areas" of the earbuds for 10 seconds. After that, the earbuds will quickly blink 3 times(red→white→red), and then release them. The light of earbuds always turns on after resetting successfully.

3. Unpair Bluetooth connection on the device, then turn on Bluetooth and search “ Haylou GT5” to connect again.

PS: Before resetting, please make sure that the earbuds and charging cases have sufficient power.

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