Haylou Headphones Specifications

Specifications (Haylou GT3)

Earbuds Parameters

Operation range: 10m(open space with no obstacle) 
Battery capacity: 40mAh(single earbud) 
Charging time: approx. 1.5hr 
Calling time: approx. 3hr 
Standby time: approx. 105hr 
Input: 5V, 100mA 
Battery type: Li-ion 
Bluetooth version: V5.0

Charging Case Parameters

Input: 5V, 500mA 
Output: 5V, 150mA 
Charging time: approx.2.5hr 
Standby time: approx.5 months 
Battery capacity: 600mAh 
Battery type: Li-ion

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Specifications - Haylou GT5


Operation range: 10m ( open space with no obstacle) 
Battery capacity: 40mAh ( single earbud) 
Charging time: Approx. 2hr 
Talk time: Approx. 4hr 
Standby time: Approx. 60hr 
Input parameter: 5V 100mA 
Battery Type: Li-ion 
Bluetooth version: v5.0

Charging case 

Input parameter: 5V 500mA 
Output parameter: 5V 150mA 
Charging time: Approx.3hr 
Standby time: Approx. 5 months 
Battery capacity: 580mAh 
Battery Type: Li-ion

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