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What you can do with Sricam CMS

The Sricam CMS is the free software used on Microsoft Windows XP/7/ 8/ 10 PC. Via Sricam CMS, you can: 
- Access the cameras via admin login (LAN) or mail/user login (WAN). 
- Watch live video streams from more than one camera in the same time. 
- Record and save live videos on your PC. 
- Watch or transfer video files from Sricam's built-in micro SD card to your PC 
- Convert files to MP4 format. 

Note: Enter Sricam App on your smartphone to update camera's configuration. This article includes the following sections. 
Read more about using Sricam Mobile App

Requirements for using Sricam CMS

Make sure of the following requirements are met:
- Windows XP/7/8/10 is running on this PC.
- Your camera has successfully set up and is connecting to the Internet.
- The PC has the Internet access. Note: When the PC and cameras are in the same LAN, Internet access is not mandatory.
- You have your camera ID and camera password. Note: There are two ways to access your camera from a laptop or desktop PC: admin login (LAN) or mail/ user login (WAN). 

Admin login (LAN): When your camera and computer or laptop device is connected to the same network, login with default UserName "admin" and none password . If Sricam CMS doesn't detect camera, you can accesss camera via mail/user login (WAN).

Mail/user login (WAN): When the network outside of your home or business network (e.g., coffee shop, work computer, etc.) a free account is required to watch live video. 

Download and Install the Sricam CMS

Download Sricam CMS from: 

Once installed, the following icon will be displayed on the PC's desktop: 

Note: For Windows 10 systems, you need to install and run "Sricam CMS"as an administrator. 

Admin login (LAN) 

Running Sricam CMS, click "admin login" to the window shown in the picture below with default UserName "admin" and none password bring ups the Sricam CMS main control window shown in the picture below.

Click the  "add device" button. The window shown in the picture below will pop up. Follow the belowing steps to add devices: Note: If the devices can't be detected you can try to disable your PC's firewall.

The camera will be displayed in the device list in a window.
Double-click the camera icon to watch the live video

Changing the image/video save folder 

Click the  setting. A confifiguration window will pop up as shown. Click the "Browse" button to browse and choose an alternate folder.


The playback function allows files to be selected and played. The left side of the screen lists the source, type and names of files that can be played back. Click the files name to select the desired files.

Clicking the  "Playback" button allows the user to:

- Playback the camera's recorded video in a local PC.
- Play the recorded videos stored in the micro SD memory card.
- Download files recorded on the micro SD to the local PC.

Configuring network and micro SD

To Configuring network and micro SD memory, right-click on the appropriate device list on the left-hand frame to open a drop down menu. Then Right-click the "IPC Config".

You can Configuring the camera's IP address, micro SD card record, password settings here.

Mail/user login (WAN)

When using a network outside of your home or business (e.g., coffee shop, work computer, etc.) to watch live video, a free registered account is required. A separate account is required for each Sricam CMS or smart phone application. 

Register an APP User Account:

Step 1: Open the link: on broswer.

Step 2: Enter a new password (twice) and click on "Next" as figure10.

Step 3: Enter your email ID and click "Next". 

NOTE: Both Sricam CMS and Sricam Smart Phone App needs a separate App account, therefore, if the email ID is used for registered on your Smart Phone App before, then cannot be used.  

Step 5: Enter your mail/user ID and password. Then click "Login". 

Add the device on Sricam CMS:

Click , "Add Device" button and enter your device's setup information as following steps: 

The camera will be displayed in the device list in a window. Double-click the device icon to watch the live video.


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