How to control Haylou GT5 headphones

How to Control Haylou GT5 Earbuds

Play/Pause music 
Put on/ take off Haylou GT5 earbuds or Click ×1 on R / L

Previous song/Next song
Clicks×2 on L/Clicks×2 on R

Answer/Hang up 

Reject call 
Long press for 1s

Voice assistant 
Clicks×3 on L

Turn on/Turn off game mode 
Clicks×3 on R

Answer the second call 
✓ When the phone calls, double-click the MFB to answer the call;
✓ When there is a new call during the mobile phone call, press the MFB to keep the previous call and make the second call;
✓ Double-click the MFB to switch between two calls;
✓ Press and hold the MFB for 1 second to hold the first call and reject the second call.

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