Victure PC420 WiFi IP Camera - User Guide

Victure PC420 1080P Home Security Camera Diagram

1 - Lens 
2 - Indicator 
3 - Microphone 
4 - Power port 
5 - Reset button 
6 - Speaker 
7 - SD card slot

How to connect Victure PC420 WiFi Camera to a phone

Download the APP by searching Victure Home APP or scanning the QR code below:

1. Download Victure Home App and create an account 
2. Connect Victure PC420 camera to a power outlet and wait for 15 seconds until red status light flashes 
3. Connect your phone to 2.4G wifi and login in Victure Home App and click "+" on the front page 
4. Follow the instruction on the app to finish the steps of connection

Scan the QR code

Wait for the indicator light turn into flashing red. If not, please reset the camera.
Push "Red Light Flashing"

Connect with 2.4GHz WiFi

Place QR code at 20cm to 26cm in front of Victure PC420 camera. Whet the LED indicator turns steady Green, Please go to the next step.

Indicator flashes in green.

When the camera is connected, the indicator will be solid green.

Name Victure PC420 Camera and push "Next".

LED Indicator - Victure PC420

Solid red light - The device is powered on and initializing
Flashing red light - Victure PC420 is ready to connect
Flashing between green and red - Wi-Fi account or password is wrong, please reconnect
Flashing green light - Connection is in progress
Solid green light - The device is working properly

RTSP Path - Victure PC420

Type - VLC
Protocol - rtsp://
Path - cam/realmonitor?channel=[CHANNEL]&subtype=1

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