How To Connect Xiaomi Mi Earbuds Basic 2 headphones to a phone

How to connect Mi Earbuds Basic 2 to a Phone (Xiaomi Mi Earbuds Basic 2)

Automatic Connection

1. Remove both Mi Basic 2 Earbuds from the charging case simultaneously, and wait for the earbuds to automatically turn on. The indicator turns white and then changes into quickly blinking white and red alternately, which means the earbuds are connecting with each other. When the indicator of left/right earbud slowly blinks white, please enable the Bluetooth function on your device and search for "Mi True Wireless EBs Basic 2" to connect.

2. Once your device and earbuds are successfully connected, your earbuds will automatically connect to the previously paired device (the Bluetooth is enabled) when they are turned on.

Note: If you cannot pair the earbuds, place them back in the case and repeat the previous steps.

Switch between single and dual earbud

When both Xiaomi Basic 2 earbuds are connected successfully, they are in dual-earbud mode. Place one of the earbuds back into the charging case and close its lid, the other earbud will automatically enter the single-earbud mode. Remove the earbud from the charging case, the dual-earbud mode will automatically be restored again.

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