How To Connect Haylou GT3 headphones to a phone

How to connect Haylou GT3 Earbuds to a Phone

Stereo Mode

Auto pairing: 
Take out both Haylou GT3 earbuds from the case. On cellphone, search for Haylou GT3 and tap to connect. If you fail to build connection, please put earbuds back into the case and repeat the above steps. Once connected, earbuds will auto reconnect to the last device in connectivity records whenever powering on (Bluetooth faculty needs to be turned on).

Manual connection: 
When Haylou GT3 earbuds are turned off, manually turn on both of them again, they auto start to pair with each other (LED will blink red and white promptly).
When they finish pairing (LED on master earbud will blink white slowly), search on cellphone and tap to connect.

Mono Mode

Auto connect
Take out either Haylou GT3 earbud to power on. When LED blinks white slowly (before that it blinks red and white promptly), search for Haylou GT3 on cellphone and tap to connect. 

Manual connection
When earbuds are turned off, manually turn on one of the earbuds. Wait for the earbuds LED will then blink white slowly. On cellphone, search for the earbud and tap to connect.

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