Peztio Q1 Dash Cam - User Manual

Main Function - Peztio Q1 Dash Cam WiFi, FHD 1080P

Build-in WIFI 

Transfer your Peztio Dash Cam Q1 recordings to your smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi using an app interface. This makes it easier than ever to share footage from your trips.

Loop Record 

The Loop recording video can be set the timing 1 min, 3mins or 5 mins. It will save the vital videos in case losing or damaging the videos when an accident occurs, the TF card slipped out or the power connection is loosening. 

Emergency Record - Peztio Q1 Dash Cam

Parking Mode: When the Parking Mode is on, it will detect whether there is the moving object, and the recording will auto on for 10-20 seconds if it finds a moving object.

SOS mode 

Press the SOS button to Lock the video currently being recorded. (If you set the loop recording time as 3 mins, when you press the SOS button, the dash cam will lock the video currently being recorded. The length of this locked video file is 3mins. The next loop recording period begins, and next video will not be locked) 

Product Structure - Peztio Q1 Dash Cam WiFi

1LCD Screen1.5" TFT Color LCD Display.
2OK ButtonConfirms the action; Stop/Start
the video recording.
3Down ButtonMove selector up; rewind
4Mode ButtonConvert the modes.
5Up ButtonMove selector down; fast
6Menu ButtonEnter/exit setup menu
7MicrophoneRecords clear audio with the
video footage.
8Micro SD Card
Provides expandable storage
(up to 32GB, Class 10)
9StickerFix it on the front windshield
10Mini USB SlotUSB port for charging or
transferring data.
11Reset slotPress to force reset the device.
12Power Button
Power ON/OFF
13Front Camera
Front Facing Camera for video
recording road events.
14SOS buttonLock current videos.

Screen Overview - Peztio Q1 Dash Cam

Video Mode

Photo Mode

Playback Mode

Start to use - Peztio Q1 Dash Cam

1. Install the memory card. 

Note: Please choose a good quality branded SD card between 8GB and 32GB (Class 10 or UHS type 1) and format the card within the setup menu before use. Please insert the card in the right direction. 

2. Ensure the Mini USB Cable and Car Charger are well connected.

3. Attach the Peztio Q1 Dash Cam to the front windshield 
-Clean the front windscreen. 
-Remove the protect sticker and attach it to the front windshield.
-Connect the charging cable to the cigarette lighter.

Wi-Fi mode - Peztio Q1 Dash Cam WiFi

Start to use wifi mode

1. Download the GoPlus Cam app in smartphone.
IOS: search "goplus cam" in App Store. (Support iPhone and iPad for iOS 8.0 or higher) 
Android: search "goplus cam" in Play Store. (Support for Android 4.0.3 or higher)

2. After booting up, in the case of no recording, press the power button, the screen displays WiFi is on, WIFI name (SSID), WIFI password (PWA2)

3. Open the smart phone WIFI and search for the device in the WIFI network.

4. Enter the password (12345678) for the first connection.

5. Wait for the phone to connect properly.

6. Once the connection is complete, run the APP: Goplus

GoPlus Cam app usage

Connect to WIFI, enter the Goplus APP.

1. Click to take photos/videos, 

2. Download photos and videos files. You can check the photos/videos in your phone Album.

Wi-Fi trouble shooting - Peztio Q1 Dash Cam

My phone has searched the WiFi of the Peztio Q1 Dash Cam but unable to connect?Make sure no other device or phone is connected to the dash cam WiFi. The dash cam does not support connection with multiple devices at the same time.
Disconnect the Wifi and reconnect again.
Please restart your phone and try again.
Reset the dash cam if the above step does not work.
Can't connect two phones at once?One dash cam wifi can only support one phone to connect. It does not support simultaneous connection of multiple devices.
How to reset Wifi password?You can change the wifi ssid and wifi password in setting.
Must I download the videos to my phone? Can I check them directly?Users of the IOS system can play back the video directly. The Android system user cannot directly play back the video, and the video needs to be downloaded to the mobile phone.
Real-time video playback on phones is not smoothThe distance between the phone and the dashcam is too far. It is the best to connect within 3m/9.8ft.
I can't connect the internet when I connect this WiFi?This WiFi is only used for data transfer of dash cam and mobile phone, it can't access the Internet.
Why the videos are not clear when I check them from phone screen?Due to the limitation of WiFi transmission rate, the videos you watch is only 640x360@60fps.
So, we suggest you download the videos to your phone and watch them in Album. The downloaded video resolution can be up to 1920*1080P@60fps.
File download speed is very slow in app?HD video files are large, please wait 2-3 minutes.

Setting - Peztio Q1 Dash Cam WiFi

System Setting

Parking ModeON/Off
Auto Power OffOff/1Minute/3Minutes/5Minutes
Screen SaverOff/1Minute/3Minutes/5Minutes
Beep Sound OffOff/On
LanguageEnglish, Chinese, Japanese , etc.
FORMAT CancelCancel/OK
DEFAULT CancelCancel/OK

Record Mode Setting

Resolution1080P FHD 1920*1080/ 720P 1280*720
Loop RecordingOff/1Minute/3Minutes/5Minutes
Motion DetectionOn/Off
Record AudioOn/Off
Date StampOn/Off
G-sensorOff/ High /Medium/Low

Photo Mode Setting

White BalanceAuto/Daylight/Cloudy/Tungsten/Fluorescent
Date StampOn/Off

Playback Mode Setting

DeleteDelete Current/ Delete All
ProtectLock Current/Unlock Current/Lock All/ Unlock All

Trouble Shooting - Peztio Q1 Dash Cam

Video Image is blurred.Remove the protective lens cover, clean the lens, clean the windscreen!
I can only record a few minutes of videos on my memory card.Change the recording size (Video Length function) to a smaller size. Increase the size of the MicroSD card. Max 32GB.
is no response.
Please reset the DASH CAM.
The date & time on my Peztio Q1 Dash Cam is incorrect.This time is the time when the product leaves the factory. Please calibrate in the settings.
Cannot remove the SD card.With the card previously installed, you now need to push the card further inwards slightly, using your finger nail, until you hear and feel a small latch. Use the edge of a small coin if you have difficulty. Release pressure and the card will spring out sufficiently for you to take hold of it.
The SD card cannot be read.Use a good quality branded SD card between 8GB and 32GB (Class 10 or UHS type 1) and format the card within the Setup menu.
Cannot insert the SD cardMicro SD card is very small and requires delicate use. Align the card with the diagram shown upon instruction and insert the card until you feel a slight spring resistance. You now need to push the card, using your finger nail, until you hear and feel a small latch. Release pressure and the card will stay retained within the device. Use the edge of a small coin if you have difficulty.
I can't delete files on my SD card within the DASH CAM.Check to see if these files are 'protected', if so, please follow instructions to 'un- protect'.
The screen blanks after a few minutes.The screen saver is set to ON. Change settings to OFF if required. Default setting is off.
The battery only last 10 seconds.This battery can only reserve limited power. Plug and play it. Based on the design of power-off protection, the battery needs to reserve a part of power to support emergency recording function.
When I press the MENU button nothing happens.This is normal during recording. Stop the recording before pressing the MENU button.
Find the DASH CAM a little heated after a period time of use.The camera has metal frame with good thermal conductivity for extended life of cam. The Operating temperature is designed between -10℃ to 60℃, so don't worry, it is a common phenomenon.
Unresolved issues.Reset the DASH CAM to the default settings within the Setup Menu and try again. Should the problem persist contact us by support e-mail.


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